Low floorstanding, extra deep padding and a multi-buttoned design provide a classic look. Shown in Gem Granite fabric.

Full specification and details


  • Small Single: H 146cm x D 12cm x W 75cm
  • Single: H 146cm x D 12cm x W 90cm
  • Small Double: H 146cm x D 12cm x W 120cm
  • Double: H 146cm x D 12cm x W 135cm
  • King: H 146cm x D 12cm x W 150cm
  • Super King: H 146cm x D 12cm x W 180cm

Available in the following fabrics

  • Arizona Brown Arizona Brown
  • Arizona Chocolate Arizona Chocolate
  • Arizona Tan Arizona Tan
  • Chenille Brown Chenille Brown
  • Chenille Charcoal Chenille Charcoal
  • Chenille Fawn Chenille Fawn
  • Chenille Grey Chenille Grey
  • Chenille Lime Chenille Lime
  • Chenille Mink Chenille Mink
  • Chenille Snow Chenille Snow
  • Chenille Wine Chenille Wine
  • Faux Suede Chocolate Faux Suede Chocolate
  • Faux Suede Coffee Faux Suede Coffee
  • Faux Suede Cream Faux Suede Cream
  • Gem Beige Gem Beige
  • Gem Fudge Gem Fudge
  • Gem Granite Gem Granite
  • Gem Oatmeal Gem Oatmeal
  • Gem Pink Gem Pink
  • Gem Sand Gem Sand
  • Gem Sky Gem Sky
  • Gem Slate Gem Slate
  • Glitz Ebony Glitz Ebony
  • Glitz Silver Glitz Silver
  • Glitz Truffle Glitz Truffle
  • Leather-like Black Leather-like Black
  • Leather-like Bourbon Leather-like Bourbon
  • Leather-like Ice White Leather-like Ice White
  • Leather-like Ivory Leather-like Ivory
  • Muse Buff Muse Buff
  • Muse Eggshell Muse Eggshell
  • Muse Mist Muse Mist
  • Satin Champagne Satin Champagne
  • Satin Gold Satin Gold
  • Satin Pewter Satin Pewter
  • Satin Silver Satin Silver
  • Shetland Beige Shetland Beige
  • Shetland Black Shetland Black
  • Shetland Brown Shetland Brown
  • Shetland Burgundy Shetland Burgundy
  • Shetland Green Shetland Green
  • Shetland Grey Shetland Grey
  • Shetland Navy Shetland Navy
  • Shetland Orange Shetland Orange
  • Shetland Pink Shetland Pink
  • Shetland Red Shetland Red

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