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  • Shetland Red
  • Shetland Pink
  • Shetland Orange
  • Shetland Navy
  • Shetland Grey
  • Shetland Green
  • Shetland Burgundy
  • Shetland Brown
  • Shetland Black
  • Shetland Beige
  • Satin Silver
  • Satin Pewter
  • Satin Gold
  • Satin Champagne
  • Outland Turquoise
  • Outland Red
  • Outland Orange
  • Outland Lime
  • Outland Cerise
  • Muse Mist
  • Muse Eggshell
  • Muse Buff
  • Leather-like Ivory
  • Leather-like Ice White
  • Leather-like Bourbon
  • Leather-like Black
  • Glitz Truffle
  • Glitz Silver
  • Glitz Ebony
  • Gem Slate
  • Gem Sky
  • Gem Sand
  • Gem Pink
  • Gem Oatmeal
  • Gem Granite
  • Gem Fudge
  • Gem Beige
  • Faux Suede Cream
  • Faux Suede Coffee
  • Faux Suede Chocolate
  • Chenille Wine
  • Chenille Snow
  • Chenille Mink
  • Chenille Lime
  • Arizona Chocolate
  • Chenille Grey
  • Chenille Fawn
  • Chenille Charcoal
  • Chenille Brown
  • Arizona Tan
  • Arizona Brown


We take great pride in sourcing the very best fabrics for our collections, all of which are available in the selected colours/ranges shown here. We would be happy to send up to five samples, free of charge, to help you decide which is right for you. Click on an image to add to your selection and then fill in your contact details in the ‘Send My Samples’ tab.

Customer’s Own Fabric

Select your style of headboard along with your fabric selection*, detail the styling finish you require and contact Swanglen’s customer service team who will be happy to provide guidance on fabric suitability and a quotation.

*Please Note: When supplying customer’s own material, and in order to comply with The furniture and furnishings (fire safety) Regulations 1988, the following should be noted. Where a material may or may not be flame retardant it must have at least 75% Natural fibres, such as cotton, wool, flax, linen, silk, viscose or modal. The material supplied must be 54″ / 137cm wide which we will then use over a fire retardant interliner. We therefore require details of the fabric composition and certificate of compliance before proceeding with manufacturing headboards. Fire Test Certificate must be from a UKAS approved testing facility and should be no older than 6 months.