Welcome to Swanglen Furnishings

We are the UK's leading bedroom furniture and headboard manufacturer.
Our bespoke service provides a range of furnishings available in a wide choice of fabrics finished to our consistent high standard of quality craftsmanship.

  • Upholstered Headboards

    Upholstered Headboards

    A new upholstered headboard is the easiest and quickest way to re-style your bedroom. All of our furniture and headboards are hand finished by a dedicated team of skilled upholsterers with a keen eye for detail. We use some of the best fabrics available, sourced from around the world, in a wide spectrum of colours. From classic contours to more contemporary shapes, there really is something for everyone.

  • Floorstanding Headboards

    Floorstanding Headboards

    If you want to make a statement, it's worth looking at our range of floorstanding headboards. The extra height of these models will make the bed a true centrepiece. Combine these with some of our more adventurous fabrics, and add on diamantè buttons for a really luxurious look.

  • Wood Effect Headboards

    Wood Effect Headboards

    These wood effect headboards feature fine detailing and are available in a variety of finishes. These are the perfect solution if you are looking for a more natural, simpler style in your bedroom. As with all our headboards, they are available in most common sizes.

  • Mattresses


    As part of one of the leading furniture groups in the UK, Swanglen draw on 140 years of bed making experience. To match the quality of our headboard and furniture range, we only make pocket sprung mattresses. Springs are each housed in their own individual pocket, which reduces roll together and delivers a much more comfortable sleeping experience.

  • Storage


    Most people have more 'stuff' than they can accommodate and storage becomes a big problem. These elegant pieces are the perfect solution. Innovative designs, such as a split lid to give you and your partner separate storage space or the suspended filing solution of Filo, stand alongside the more traditional ottomans.

  • Chairs / Chaise / Footstools

    Chairs / Chaise / Footstools

    These companion pieces will give the perfect finishing touch to your bedroom; from the elegant chaise for that touch of elegance to beautiful stools for your dressing table. As with all our ranges, these are available in the majority of our fabrics.

  • Beds


    The latest addition to our offering, these ranges have been conceived as a complete bedroom collection, with stylish pieces such as ottomans and footboards to complement the headboards and divan bases. Of course, each item is available separately, but put them together and you have something really special.